Introduces the Industry's First VPN Scoring System for Authentic Reviewing of Providers comes up with an astonishing solution for privacy-conscious users looking for the best providers in the marketplace; a 9-components scoring system, coupled with users satisfaction ratings, for honest evaluations. Anonymity-craving netizens can finally say goodbye to bogus reviews by affiliates/websites, which lack a rating criterion!

The VPN industry has suffered an invasion of phony reviewers, pretending to be experts in testing providers. In reality, most of them do not even have a rating criterion. They sell tall-tales about a certain VPN, fooling users into buying a subscription so that they can earn a direct commission on that purchase.

As a first in the industry, the team behind has introduced a unique evaluation system involving a 9-components scoring process and a 4-step mechanism for calculating the user satisfaction rating for VPN reviews. For reference, you can check out our scorecard on PureVPN's review page. The premise of this system is to create an easy understanding of each VPN provider’s assessment. Also, to spread awareness about the facets of analyzing a VPN in the eyes of users, which other websites in the marketplace do not consider important.

"Our website was created from the dire need of legit and accurate VPN reviews in the industry to increase user knowledge. This new VPN scoring system aims to fulfill on that promise, and we have high hopes that it will benefit both: newbies and tech-savvy old-timers," said Muhammad Hamza Shahid, an Online Privacy/Security Advocate at

The 9-components of the scorecard, include analyzing Jurisdictions, Logging Policies, WebRTC/IP/DNS Leaks, Transparency Reports, Servers Overview, Pricing, Performance, Compatibility, and Customer Support. Each element has its weightage, adding to the final score of a provider, depicted visually for easy analysis by the privacy-conscious.

For evaluating user satisfaction, the 4-step process involves collecting, monitoring, processing, and analyzing customer reviews obtained from app stores, social media platforms, forums, and communities to come up with a final grade. The site has been redesigned for this very purpose, making it easier-to-use and understand for prospects.

Source: BestVPN.Co